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How is the entrance examination performed?

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We know that a visit to a dentist is rather an unpleasant and necessary matter for many people, but at our clinic we would like to achieve the opposite. Even the first contact with the staff in a pleasant environment can leave you feeling good.


At the beginning of the entrance examination, we will be interested in the reasons that bring you to our clinic. We will discuss your overall health and then proceed to the thorough examination of your teeth and surrounding oral tissue. If necessary, we will perform an X-ray or 3D CBCT examination. Since our clinic is equiped with required devices, we will perform everything at one place to your greatest comfor.

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Použitie mikroskopu

When performing the oral examination, we use a special microscope that allows us to see even the smallest details and changes to oral tissue or mucious membranes. We focus on checking the condition of existing fillings, crowns, and bridges. Important is to also evaluate the overall condition and aesthetics of your teeth.

Equally important at the entrance examination is the check of the gums. We will transparently inform you in great detail about our findings. We believe that your knowledge and understanding is as important as other steps in your treatment. Subsequently, we will go over the possible treatments, which are supported by a demonstration on the 3D models and pictures. We would like you to leave with valuable information and tanglible treatment plan.

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Individual treatment plan

The treatment plan is a summary of all identified problems. It contains clear and detailed suggestions for their solution, along with the timing of individual treatment steps and detailed financial calculations of complete care.

You take these documents home with you in printed form. You can look at them in peace and get to know the individual treatment steps better.

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Our values

The entrance examination treatment always includes a comprehensive dental treatment with regard to your individual needs and requirements. The results is a tailor-made treatment with the best possible outcome, cofmort, and aesthetic quality for each individual patient.

The treament plan reflects your individual needs such as prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, periodontal care, dental surgery, treament of dental cavity, aesthetic treatments like dental whitening, dental implants and/or prosthetic treamtent (crowns). Do not hesitate to contact us for a full list of services.

We always respect your wishes, especially in terms of requirements for aesthetic quality and cost of treatment. However, we never compromise on the functional quality of treatment and ensure the best possible outcome.

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Entrance examination is free-of-charge

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