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Total dental reconstruction with implants + price

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Total dental reconstruction with implants

Total dental reconstruction with implants is suitable for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth in the mandible or jawbone, or all their teeth.

A common but mostly unsatisfactory way of treating toothless mandibles or jawbones is to make an ordinary total removable substitute, commonly called tippers or totals. This kind of solution often brings many problems, such as instability of the substitute during speaking and chewing, loss of taste and, last but not least, psychological frustration from the removable substitute and toothless mouth.

When 4 to 6 implants are introduced, not only the entire dental arch can be replaced, but also the missing gum protrusion and, at the same time, a very good aesthetic result can be achieved.


Straumann® BLX: strong teeth on 4 implants within 48 hours

Within 48 hours after implantation, we will hand over a temporary (resin) bridge to you, which we will exchange in 3 months for an all-ceramic bridge fixed on 4 implants in the range of 10 to 12 teeth.


What happens in the course of treatment and what is the price?

Phase one: Extraction of residual teeth

In this initial stage, we pull out all the remaining teeth (wobbling, broken, unsatisfactory…) or roots and allow the bone to heal (usually 2-3 months). During this healing, a removable prosthesis is made for the patient. This is followed by healing lasting 2 to 3 months.

Price calculation:

The price of extractions ranges from €60 to 80 multiplied by the number of teeth that need to be pulled. The price of the prosthesis is €650 + modification of the prosthesis after extraction wounds have healed in the next 2-3 weeks (€100).

rekonstrukcia chrupu implantatmi

Phase two: Implants insertion

An CT X-ray of the bone into which the implant is to be inserted is done prior to procedure.

We usually insert 6 implants in the mandible and 4 implants in the jaw.

In the case of significant bone deficiency, the bone should be supplemented (augmentation with a replacement bone material), several months in advance. However, bone is often replenished during implant insertion. The procedure is done painlessly under local anesthesia.

This is followed by healing lasting 2 to 3 months (depending on the type of implant). The healing period is the time for the so-called osseointegration, when the implant surface is inhabited by the patient’s own bone cells and thus the implant literally merges with the bone.

Implants used in our clinic (please, select one):

Straumann SLActive: € 820 or Straumann SLA: € 720 or Neo Biotech: € 550 + healing cup : € 60


Stage three: Bridge construction

After successful osseointegration, an impression of the implants‘ position is made. There are several trials (3-4 appointments) and the work is usually done within 2-3 weeks.

Watch the video below:

rekonstrukcia chrupu
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Alternative 1: all-ceramic bridge with titanium structure

The bridge consists of superstructures and crowns (intermediate pieces). It is screwed directly onto the implants (if necessary, it is possible to remove the prosthetics at any time and possibly adjust it).

Price calculation:

Bridge: number of superstructures multiplied by €220 + number of crowns multiplied by €380

rekonštrukcia chrupu

Alternative 2: composite resin bridge (core - metal) on implants - Branemark bridge

The bridge is made of a standard resin as a “prosthesis” but the teeth are composite and the body is metallic. Its great advantage is that it is easy to repair and overall, the bridge is lightweight.

The bridge is screw-fastened directly onto the implants (if necessary, it is possible to remove the prosthetics at any time and possibly adjust it).

Price calculation:

Lightweight bridge: €3500


Mock price list of a complete reconstruction

Condition: toothless upper jaw

Solution: reconstruction of dentition with a lightweight bridge anchored on six Straumann SLA implants. Note: a temporary removable substitute is made for duration of healing.

First phase: 6x €720 + 6x €60 + €650 = €5330

Healing: 2 to 3 months

Second phase: resin composite bridge = €3500

Total price: €8830

In the case of choosing a more affordable Neo Biotech implants (€550) the total price is €7810.

All-ceramic bridge on 6 implants
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