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General anaesthesia and its use in dentistry

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General anaesthesia

Dream of a beautiful and healthy smile while your dream is becoming a reality. Our clinic can make dreams come true, and that is why we offer you a treatment option under general anesthesia.

General anesthesia is an increasingly common and popular form of painless treatment for patients and has its rightful place in today’s modern dentistry.

The most common procedures under general anesthesia are performed on patients with panic anxiety or anxiety, but also on patients who cannot be treated due to general illness. You will not feel anything during this procedure, you will not remember anything and yet you will have successfully undergone this dreaded visit to the dentist.

celkova anestezia

How is the procedure under general anaesthesia carried out?

The whole procedure is carefully planned in advance and you are made familiar with what happens during general anesthesia. Having completed pre-operative examinations on the premises of our clinic, you entrust yourself to a team of professionals under the guidance of our dentists.

A very important member of this team is the anesthesiologist, Dr. Jaroslav Šalkovský, M.D., who closely monitors the entire course of procedure. After the treatment and awakening, you leave home accompanied by the person who came with you for the procedure, without any memory of the procedure itself.

celkova anestezia

Is the procedure completely painless?

Yes. Under general anesthesia, the patient is put to sleep and, therefore, the procedure is completely painless. In this way, multiple procedures can be performed in the patient’s mouth during a single visit.

Thanks to that, this type of anesthesia is popular in patients with panic anxiety or anxiety.

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Can there be any complications after the procedure?

Treatment under general anesthesia is a safe procedure and complications are very rare. Most often, we encounter malaise, drowsiness, impaired coordination of movements, feeling of cold, or temporary shivering after the procedure itself. However, these complications will resolve themselves within a short period of time. After waking up, the patient is given maximum care and attention.

Do you get goose bumps when you think about the sound of a dental drill? General anesthesia may then be for you.

celková anestézia

General anaesthesia at Smart Dental Clinic


  • General anaesthesia 320 €

    For the first hour

  • Surcharge 280 €

    For every additional hour

MUDr. Jaroslav Šalkovský

MUDr. Jaroslav Šalkovský


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