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CBCT – 3D precision diagnosis in dentistry

Content of the article:

How does CT (Computer tomography) work?

In its classical (hospital) form, the CT is a relatively large instrument. It gradually reads the examined area through a series of flat sections, which are subsequently reconstituted by a computer into the resulting image. A part and parcel of this technology is a relatively high radiation load. Modern CBCT represents a load comparable to classical OPG (panoramic image) and provides much more information.

3d rtg
CT examination

What does CBCT mean?

The principle of cone beam radiation (CB = cone beam) guarantees a significant reduction of the radiation load during the CBCT examination. This examination makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional images (models) of the mandible, the jawbone, or small targeted areas and provides more information, which means less invasiveness in the course of treatment.

Sample of CT images

What are the advantages of a three-dimensional examination in dentristry?


Proper selection and placement of a suitable implant necessitates accurate information about the quantity and quality of the bone, the position of the floor of the maxillary cavity or of important nerve routes. Having this information, the implant specialist can choose the ideal size of the dental implant and the direction of its insertion so as to safely avoid all those structures. The more information the physician has, the faster, simpler and safer the procedure.

zubné rtg
Implant CT after insertion

Extraction of wisdom teeth or uncut teeth

A CT scan brings invaluable information about the placement of wisdom teeth against important structures (such as the maxillary cavity or location of the canal which provides the route for the nerve innervating the lower lip). Thus, this routine surgery becomes even safer and complications are minimized.

zubné rtg
X-ray / CT of a wisdom tooth


CT imaging allows a detailed assessment of the quality of the root filler, the presence and extent of potential inflammatory changes, the presence of perforation, anatomical variations in the shape of the root and root canals, and other very valuable information about the root system. This makes it possible to objectively increase the success of this treatment.

zubné rtg
CT scan of the root filler of the tooth


CT provides valuable information about the extent of bone damage around the teeth, including the exact location of the affected area, making it possible to directly target this affected area.

CBCT at Smart Dental Clinic?

Absolute state-of-the-art among CT machines is our Planmeca instrument. It is extremely fast, precise and thanks to reduced radiation load, it is also very safe.


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