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All-ceramic dental crowns and fillings within 48 hours. How?

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All-ceramic dental crowns

Thanks to their unquestionable biocompatible and aesthetic properties, ceramic materials offer us unique possibilities of dental reconstruction.

Dental medicine is undoubtedly one of the most dynamically developing fields in medicine, which is closely related to relentless technological development of recent years. It is these facts that provide us, dentists and patients, with opportunities to achieve the best effect in therapy and to maintain or restore the most ideal functionality and aesthetics of your teeth.

When to opt for all-ceramic crowns?

1. In the event of extensive loss of one’s own hard dental tissues, whether due to cavities or mechanical damage to teeth;

2. after root canal treatment, when the tooth’s own nutrition is interrupted and the tooth requires more extensive reconstruction and replacement of lost tissues;

3. Aesthetic reconstructions.

Ceramic dental crowns

We can imagine them as capes that cover teeth that are first grinded along their entire circumference. At our clinic, we use the latest technologies to make all-ceramic zirconium and lithium – disilicate (EMAX) crowns.

Ceramic dental fillings

Sometimes, due to the above-mentioned factors, there is such a loss of some tooth walls that we cannot ensure the damaged tooth will be preserved in the dental arch in the long term with the help of the classic “white filling”.

When this is the case, we recommend our patients all-ceramic fillings, the so-called “overlay”, which due to higher mechanical strength and resistance to chewing pressure can preserve and strengthen the tooth in the mouth much longer than in the case of a classic composite filling. These are made of lithium-disilicate (EMAX) ceramics.

All-ceramic crowns in 3 easy steps


When planning prosthetic treatment, a detailed examination with an auxiliary X-ray is necessary to evaluate the condition of the tooth to be fitted with the all-ceramic crown.

celokeramicke korunky


With the aid of magnifying technologies, we prepare the tooth by grinding. Subsequently, we scan the tooth prepared in this way using a digital impression, so that we can transfer the situation in the mouth as closely as possible to the dental laboratory, where your ceramic crown is designed and milled using a computer-controlled process.

Since we have all the services under one roof, immediately after scanning the grinded tooth our lab technician, Tibor Gyurkovics, begins the process of making a crown, which is milled from the aforementioned zirconium or lithium – disilicate.

Thanks to this digitized procedure, we are able to eliminate a number of errors and ensure that your crowns adapt to other teeth not only aesthetically, but also functionally.

Lead time

Thanks to the fact that in the clinic we have our own HinriMill N4 and HinriMill T5 milling cutters, we can deliver the crowns to you within 48 hours, which is a huge advantage. The milling machine itself features a 5-axis milling system, which delivers a detailed elaborate crown, effectively replacing the original situation.

zubné korunky

Dental crowns and fillings at Smart Dental Clinic


  • All-ceramic crown 380 €

    Zirconium / Emax

  • All-ceramic crown on an implant 580 €

    Including superstructure

Tibor Gyurkovics

Tibor Gyurkovics

Dental technician

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