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Dental implants and 5 frequently asked questions

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1. What are dental implants?

Zubné implantáty sa využívajú ako rokmi overený spôsob náhrady zuba, ktorý býva často laicky nazývaný ako “čap” alebo “nastreľovací zub”. Výhodou zubných implantátov je možnosť zhotovenia pevných zubných náhrad bez nutnosti brúsenia a umŕtvovania vlastných zubov. Samotný zubný implantát (predstavujúci akýsi umelý koreň) má tvar skrutky s vonkajším a s vnútorným závitom a je zhotovený z titánu a zirkónia so špeciálnou povrchovou úpravou.

Dental implants function as a time-tested method of tooth replacement. The advantage of dental implants is the possibility of making solid dental prostheses without a need of grinding or removing one’s own teeth. The dental implant itself (representing a kind of artificial root) has the shape of a screw with an external and internal thread and is made of titanium and zirconia with a special surface treatment.

We recommend you to watch the series of videos below, which describe variety of dental implant cases:

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2. Why dental implants at Smart Dental Clinic?

The advantage of our workplaces in Poprad and Bratislava is that both brothers, Marián and Ján, have been specializing in dental surgery and implantology for years. They perform more complex bone supplementing procedures together. Therefore, there are two pairs of dexterous hands and eyes above you. We use state-of-the-art 3D diagnostics when planning treatment. We can solve the loss of one tooth, several teeth or even a complete loss of teeth. We believe in our work, thus as one of the few in Slovakia, we provide a 5-year warranty on dental implants.

zubné implantáty

3. What type of dental implants are the best?

For maximum aesthetic and functional effect, we use top dental implants from the Swiss company Straumann. The quality of their products is based on decades of experience, constant research and development, but mainly long-term clinical studies. Neo Biotech is a quality solution for those clients who are looking for a favorable ratio between quality and price.

zubné implantáty

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4. What is the procedure for making a crown carried by a dental implant?

The procedure is divided into four phases: consultation, implantation of a dental implant, healing and making a crown.

We fully respect your right to information, therefore the actual implantation of dental implants is preceded by a thorough consultation and entrance examination, which includes X-rays and 3D diagnostics.

We will try to describe the current state, together we will evaluate possible alternatives and solutions, the course of the procedure, the time schedule as well as the price of performance. We will be happy to answer all your questions. After final approval, we will agree on a date for the introduction of dental implants.

Before this procedure, the quality and volume of the bone into which the dental implant is inserted is always evaluated. Under favorable conditions and with sufficient bone, the procedure is relatively quick, absolutely painless, and the insertion of a dental implant alone does not take more than 30 minutes (with one implant).

In case of bone deficiency, it is necessary to supplement the bone (augmentation with bone replacement material), which is often possible during the actual insertion of the implant. We understand that the so-called insertion of a dental implant evokes respect and fear in most clients, so it is crucial for us that the procedure is painless and therefore performed under local anesthesia in the most pleasant and calm atmosphere possible.

Healing usually takes from 2 to 3 months, depending on the type of dental implant. During the healing period, the so-called osseointegration occurs, when the surface of the implant is populated by its own bone cells and the implant literally grows with the bone.

This is a period of about 2-3 months (if the bone is needed to be replenished, this period can be extended), after which it is possible to mount a prosthetic superstructure with a crown or bridge on the implant. Ideally (sufficient bone, non-smoker client and without any general illness), the probability of non-adhesion of the implant is a maximum of 2%, as confirmed by clinical studies. Allergy or other intolerance to titanium has not been recorded at present. In the event that the implant does not heal properly, such an implant can be easily removed and replaced with a new one with a high percentage of successful healing.

The implant is covered with a healing roller (passes through the gums and shapes it) or a temporary crown.

After successful healing, the implant position is imprinted. The big advantage is that we have our own dental laboratory and a skilled dental technician Tibor, who is present during the individual stages if necessary. It takes approximately 7 days to make a crown or bridge.

Crown or the bridge is screwed directly onto the implant (if necessary, the prosthetic work can be removed at any time and possibly adjusted). After successful manufacture and delivery of the prosthetic replacement, it is necessary to observe good oral hygiene and go for regular check-ups. In the case of neglected hygiene, there is a higher risk of the implant not healing or it may lead to the initial recovery state.

zubné implantáty

5. How much do dental implant cost?

The price of the implantation of a dental implant depends on the individual patient. Transparency is our number one priority.

Simulated price list:

Non-binding consultation: free
CT scan: from 25 to 100 € 

Type of implant (choose one):
Straumann SLA Active: 820 €
Straumann SLA: 720 €
Neo Biotech: 520 €

Required tools:
Healing roller: 50 €

Dental crown:
All-ceramic crown: 550 €

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MUDr. Marián Tulenko

Dental surgeon

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MDDr. Ing. Ján Tulenko

Dental surgeon

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