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Sonic toothbrush. How to choose the right one?

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What is sonic toothbrush?

The first electric toothbrushes, the so-called oscillating-rotating toothbrushes, brought a minor revolution in teeth brushing. They operated on the basis of fast rotation of the cleaning head around its own axis and thus became popular with more demanding but also more lazy users.

Later, however, it turned out that these brushes, even in the case of gentle programs at low speed, can be aggressive against soft tissues and can cause the retreat of gums and to exposed dental cervices. The result is increased teeth sensitivity.

At present, this type of electric toothbrushes is making its gradual exit and their place is taken by sonic toothbrushes, which, based on longer-term studies, do not cause dental cervix to retreat because they operate on a different principle.

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How does a sonic toothbrush work?

Unlike oscillating-rotating brushes, shape of the sonic brush head is longitudinal, similar to a classic manual brush, and it does not rotate. Only the bristles move, receiving signals from the ultrasound that causes these fibers to vibrate. The brush head is placed on the tooth surface and can be moved slightly. The movement of the fibers then breaks the plaque – the biofilm. For comparison – with a manual toothbrush we are able to do 300-500 oscillations per minute, the sonic toothbrush is able to produce 8 000-30 000 oscillations per minute.

However, it is important to note that the fibers of any toothbrush are not able to reach the interdental spaces, so it is important to use an interdental brush to clean the entire tooth surface.

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Who is a sonic toothbrush suitable for?

This toothbrush can be helpful to people who are – for a variety of reasons – less dexterous. Also patients with a jaw-fitted orthopedic apparatus (braces), of course common users and children. In the case of children, it is necessary to supervise the cleaning in general until the child’s 10-12 years of age, the adult should check how the child brushes their teeth.

In all cases, the sonic toothbrush makes brushing your teeth easier and more efficient. It is also possible to connect the brush with a mobile application and thus to see how the brush works, in addition, this can also be a motivation.

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How to choose the right sonic toothbrush?

Today, a large number of types and brands is already available. It is necessary to take into account the programs that can be selected, the pressure sensor, the battery life, the compatibility of replacement heads. And, of course, the price. There is not one and only “correct” sonic toothbrush. The choice depends on your personal preferences.

Manual vs. sonic brush

A sonic toothbrush can be considered a suitable alternative to a classic toothbrush. If the patient knows how to brush properly and use a toothbrush, both types are equivalent. The choice of a toothbrush depends on what you prefer.

You can also learn the correct cleaning technique as part of the instruction session, where our professional hygienists will show you how to use it and explain everything.

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